Benefits of a Care Home Management Software

The Department of Health and Social Care's strategy, "Data Saves Lives," aims to revolutionize children's care homes through digital transformation. By 2024, 80% of care providers will use digital care record systems, supported by significant funding. OVCare's leading digital care planning system enhances care quality and efficiency by providing real-time data access, reducing administrative tasks, and enabling more focused, personalized care. Join the digital transformation to improve children's care.
September 2023
Paula Martinez
The Department of Health and Social Care recently published its new strategy, "Data Saves Lives: Reshaping Health and Social Care with Data." This action plan outlines the significant role data will play in the digital transformation of the NHS and social care sector, helping to save lives and provide the best possible care. The strategy is equally important for children's care homes, where the impact can be profound.

Some of the key pledges made in the plan include:

1. Improving trust in the health and care system’s use of data

2. Giving health and care professionals the information they need to provide the best      possible care

3. Improving data for children's social care

4. Supporting local and national decision-makers with data

5. Empowering researchers with the data they need to develop life-changing treatments,     diagnostics, models of care, and insights

6. Working with partners to develop innovations that improve health and care

7. Developing the right technical infrastructure

The background to this new strategy derives from the upheaval and disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a pivotal point for the government’s digital transformation. The acceleration of the adoption of digital technologies increased during the pandemic, leading to a pressing need for organisations and governments to adapt.

The government aims to build upon the positive elements of the pandemic, including digitising health and care records for interoperability, so they can be accessed by professionals across primary, secondary, and social care.

Counting on Data for Better Health and Care in Children's Homeses

The use of digital technology in health and social care can massively improve quality, efficiency, and patient experience. For children's care homes, this means better-tailored care and more effective management of each child's unique needs.

The UK health and social care secretary has set a government target to have 80% of all registered care providers operating digital care record systems by 2024. NHSX is currently providing funding of £8.2 million to support the digitisation of social care. The funding aims to pilot digital social care technology with integrated digital care systems.

The digital care record system will play an essential role in joining up care across social care and the NHS, with real-time information being shared with authorised individuals across the health and care sector. This will help free up time spent by care workers and managers on administrative tasks whilst equipping them with the information they need to deliver care.

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