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Leveraging  advanced technologies to help your care home exceed.

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Elevating child care with advanced AI technologies A tailor made system with everything you need to ensure Ofsted compliance.

digitize Paper Records

Over 200 customisable forms to ensure statutory compliance, accuracy and management across your organisation.

Automated Reports

Save time and energy with numerous automated reports, including Summary, Reg45 and Mars Reports.

OneView Insights

Leverage our advanced AI system to offer high quality guidance to caregivers as well as analytical insights on your children. Helping you provide a higher level of care.

Integrated System

Experience the power of an integrated system where Management, HR, Young Person and Ofsted portals converge for seamless management and enhanced efficiency.

Better Ofsted Rating

Utilize our integrated platform for meticulous data management and streamlined processes, contributing to improved Ofsted evaluations for your care facility


Information is easily and securely accessible to all involved in the care of children and young persons with our GDPR compliant system.


Children's care homes

Tailored management solutions for children's care homes. OVcare makes managing children’s social care smooth and cost-effective. It speeds up data handling, boosts productivity, and ensures compliance through smart monitoring. With user-friendly features and streamlined processes, OVcare saves money and frees up caregivers' time for quality care.

Supported accommodation

OVcare transforms supported accommodation management, providing efficient solutions that streamline operations, boost productivity, and ensure compliance. With intuitive features and user-friendly design, it empowers support teams to deliver personalized care while reducing costs.

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Comprehensive Form Library

Our extensive form library offers over 200 meticulously crafted templates, making documentation and reporting effortless. Stay ahead of the curve with a vast selection of forms, setting us apart from competitors and ensuring your facility's needs are fully met.

Automated Reporting Excellence

Experience the power of automation with our streamlined reporting solutions. From MARS to summaries and Reg45 reports, our system handles it all effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual reporting headaches and embrace the future of care management.

OV Insights

Many carers suffer from anxiety when it comes to reacting on the spot to situations. Our AI system has the ability to read all policies and procedures and help provide guidance to carers in stressful situations. This is a feature unique to OneView and has the ability to revolutionize the whole care industry.


"I was pleasantly surprised by OneView Care and how easy it was to use over all other portals I have come across over the years. Information is easily accessible with progress constantly shown by the use of the graphs. When completing Regulation 44 visits the documents are detailed and clear providing all the needed information without having to search.”

responsible individual

“As a dual registered manager I found the system to be a huge asset is ensuring all documentation was up to date with nothing missed.  The Incident tracking really helps to make sure everything is where I need it to be for investigation and oversight.  It is easy to follow and allows me to track both homes at the click of a button.  Having used both paper and other electronic systems I have found this the simplest to use and its saved me time and effort meaning I can spend time with the young people”


“I found it easy to use and just followed the written guide which was clear & simple to follow. I actually said in the office, “Well this must be good if even someone like me can navigate it as my computer skills are not the best!”  Everything I wanted to read was there when I was sampling incidents so I don’t have any negative feedback. I found it easy to use”

Ofsted Inspector

“The system is really easy to use and I like the fact that I can record quickly and easily from the phone or computer meaning I can record on the go saving me time at the end of my shift and allowing me to spend more time with the kids”

Support Worker