What are the benefits of eMARs?

This article provides an overview of Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR). It highlights the functionality of eMAR systems, including logging medication details, accessibility, administering medication, and the benefits it offers in terms of error reduction, ease of use, real-time monitoring, reduced paperwork, security, and streamlined reporting. The article emphasizes the importance of embracing eMAR to enhance medication administration processes, improve safety, and streamline documentation, ultimately leading to better care for children in care homes.
April 2024
Paula Martinez
eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Records), is a digital tool utilized in care home management systems to streamline the process of recording medication administration. It serves as a digital version of traditional paper MAR charts, offering a secure system for recording crucial medication-related information.

Features include:

1. Logging medication: Staff members can login medication details for both PRN and Prescription medications including details such as medication name, doses, timings and administration instructions.

2. Accessibility: This information is accessible on care home management systems, whereby support workers will be notified whenever a YPs medication is due to be taken.
This ensures that support workers always have accurate and up-to-date medication information.

3. Administering medication: Support workers can record medication administration and add any relevant notes directly into the system. Whereby support workers and a witness will then be prompted to note the outcome of this medication i.e. medication was refused or administered. OVcare also has an integration medication count system as well as handover system which ensures that no medication goes missing and that there is an online record of when and who administered each mdeication.

4. MARs chart: Recorded medication administration data is automatically added to the eMAR chart, which offers numerous reporting benefits.

Benefits of eMAR in Children's Care Homes:

1. Error Reduction:
eMAR minimizes medication errors by ensuring that medication information is continuously updated and eliminating mistakes caused by illegible handwriting. This reduces errors and allows mistakes to be corrected with accompanying notes for a comprehensive error history.

2. Ease of use: Systems such as OVcare, is designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal expertise in digital technology. Staff can easily utilize the system with basic skills. Introducing the system inclusively and providing support for staff adaptation will contribute to successful implementation.

3. Real-time Monitoring: The system provides instantly updated information, enhancing safety for children in care.

4. Reduced Paperwork: Electronic systems decrease paperwork by allowing pre-set information and eliminating the need for manual documentation. This saves time for staff, allowing them to focus more on caregiving tasks.

5. Secure: Storing information digitally in the cloud with strict access protocols ensures enhanced security compared to traditional paper charts.

6. Streamlined Reporting: Reporting can be customized based on specific information needs and used for internal purposes or to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

By embracing eMAR, children's care homes can enhance medication administration processes, improve safety, and streamline documentation, ultimately providing better care for the children under their supervision.