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digitize Paper Records

Seamlessly transition from paperwork to digital records for enhanced accessibility, accuracy, and streamlined management.

Automated Reports

Save time and energy with numerous automated reports.

OneView Insights

Leverage our advanced AI system to offer high quality guidance to caregivers - potentially reducing training costs.

Integrated System

Experience the power of an integrated system where Management, HR and patient portals converge for seamless management and enhanced efficiency.

Better CQC Rating

Utilize our integrated platform for meticulous data management and streamlined processes, contributing to improved CQC evaluations for your care facility


Information is easily and securely accessible to all involved,

Some Snapshots

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Comprehensive Form Library

Our extensive form library offers over 150 meticulously crafted templates, making documentation and reporting effortless. Stay ahead of the curve with a vast selection of forms, setting us apart from competitors and ensuring your facility's needs are fully met.

Automated Reporting Excellence

Experience the power of automation with our streamlined reporting solutions. From MARS to Summary and Visitor reports, our system handles it all effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual reporting headaches and embrace the future of care management.

OV Insights

Many carers suffer from anxiety when it comes to reacting on the spot to situations. Our AI system has the ability to read all policies and procedures and help provide guidance to carers in stressful situations. This is a feature unique to OneView and has the ability to revolutionize the whole care industry.

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